Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2019 Weddings

2018 has seen a lot of trends come and go, but only a few will last the test of time into 2019. That’s why we’re so excited for 2019 bridesmaid dresses! The main element to 2019 weddings will be that brides are wanting to make their wedding stand out from the thousands of other weddings happening alongside them. This search for a unique look will bring with it bold trends that go against tradition and are made for the modern bridal party!

Here are the top 5 bridesmaid trends that you NEED to know about if you’re getting married in 2019!

Open Back

As brides are trying harder than ever to have their weddings stand out, the open back trend will be completely on-trend for 2019. Brides are stepping away from tradition and leaning towards a modern look to match her modern ladies. Open back bridesmaid dresses look elegant and are perfect for those hot summer weddings. Shop the look here.  

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Mismatched Party

2019 is the year more brides will be wanting something different! Different colours, different styles, anything to make her wedding stand out, whether that be pastel or jewel tones! Anything goes in 2019. Shop the bridesmaid look here.

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We’ll be seeing a lot of halter bridesmaid dresses in 2019. The halter dress is great because there are so many different styles of this neckline, and it’s universally flattering! Shop the look here. 

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The ombre trend is staying strong in 2019! The gorgeous look of different hues in one bridal party was all the rage in 2018, and we’re still not over it! Shop the look here.

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One Colour, Different Styles

In 2019, brides will be wanting their bridesmaids to showcase their own personality! It’s less about the ‘perfect look’ and more about a genuine look that will flatter each and every one of her bridesmaids. The perfect way to do this? These infinity dresses that can be worn over 25 different ways. Shop the look here.

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Trends can come and go quickly, that’s why it’s good to follow the trends closely and jump on one that you love once you see it! Be unique in 2019 and follow one of the top 5 bridesmaid trends of the year. 

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Chanel Skea