The Power of Colour

In the spirit of this years change in wedding design and trends, we wanted to write a little blog on the power of colour. This blog is inspired by a wedding Sublime as the pleasure of planning this summer. It will be a fusion of the vibrant culture of India and the soul provoking nature that is the Canadian west coast. This particular wedding will feature red in their colour pallet and we could not be happier to work with such an amazing couple who is not afraid of adding this bold colour. RED

The colour red is known to conjure up powerful and positive feelings. Choosing red in the colour palette for your wedding creates a unique, passionate and vibrant atmosphere on your big day. Red bridesmaid dresses, in particular, create warmth, high energy and stimulate the senses. This remarkable colour has a long and rich history and has been associated with romance, energy, and love. With so many shades of this colour, there is no need to shy away from adding it to your wedding day. Are you head over heels in love with the colour red? Declare your love for this beautiful colour to the entire world on one of the most important days in your life! The best thing about the colour red is that it’s available in many varying shades and has the ability to work with so many different styles. Attached is a gallery to see how you can add red to any theme. Whether you prefer a bright and fun cherry red, the elegance of a pale red rose, or the deep burgundy of the shades of wine, there is something for everyone. A fun idea is to have each of your bridesmaids pick a different style of the same colour red, add red socks and boutonnieres for the men. Add red in signature cocktails, and your cake to add dimension and texture to your wedding. We can not wait to share this wedding with you this summer. Stay tuned for the gallery this summer. If you're stuck on ideas for colour and design, give us a call or drop us a line and we can set up a FREE consultation.,