Rain on your wedding day

What I love about this spring shoot is that it was real, a real wedding day 'what if' situation. What if it rains?! Our spring styled shoot was a great opportunity to show case our rainy west coast spring season and what to do if it rains on your big day! We had planned a sunny spring styled shoot outside the gorgeous Local's restaurant in Courtenay, however closer to the day the forecast had other plans. It was not necessarily going to crash this wedding styled shoot and it shouldn't crash your wedding either. We knew just what to do!

Before your big day you see rain in the forecast and panic! Of course you think rain boots, umbrellas and where will we go? First! Breath...and Embrace it!

Plan a secondary location for your ceremony and reception and stick with it, if you hired a wedding planner this would be something you have already talked about from the beginning of the planning process.

Think of ways to make the rain extra special, think about getting rain boots that match your wedding colours and get them monogrammed. Get umbrellas but think about battery LED lights inside the umbrella for unique lighting. Do not forget towels! Yes towels! If you go outside when it rains (which you should!) wipe down benches or any surfaces you would like to sit on or lean against.


Talk to your photographer about doing a site visit to find those cute corners and amazing archways. Pinterest some ideas of photography in the rain, A veil as cover could be a cute picture or the groom holding his jacket over the both of you as you run for cover. Having a wedding planner will also help with talking to your photographer about adjusting your photo timeline, creating different windows of opportunity to get that outdoor look.

Take into consideration hair and make up, ask if they have an all day stay mist and humidity spray for your hair. If you do get wet - enjoy it! You will still look stunning with the drops of rain glistening on your face making you radiant.

Do not worry! You have hired professionals and a wedding planner will find that secondary location, adjust timelines, inform vendors and handle the situation stress free and seamlessly.

Pictures provided by www.buzzfeed.com