Planning a wedding while pregnant - all the things to keep an eye on!

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We’ve come a very long way in debunking wedding traditions and the limits they impose, couples are getting married after years of being together and been through many life’s milestones. Marriage is when you find your other half, whenever they come along, as the song says “you can’t hurry love”.

We love when we meet a couple with a story to tell and we also love when children are a part of that story.  We recently met with a couple who is expecting a baby during their wedding month and looking to speed the planning process along. This blog is inspired by couples like the one we met and for those who may be expecting and getting married.  

Look for cancellations

If you are looking to set a date quickly or change the date you have, calling venues to see if they have cancellations or weekdays open may be the best bet. When making last minute changes or planning a wedding in a short amount of time it is important to be flexible with your venue and date. Ask the venues to keep you on a call list for dates that may come up in the month you need. A last minute booking may be bonus because the venue won’t want to lose out on an entire day and may benifit in a deal for you!

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Get creative

Odds are you won’t have the time to do everything you wanted to prepare but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. In terms of invitations, send out email rsvp’s through websites like The Knot. Create a wedding website for free with all the details and guests can rsvp through. It is the fastest way to get to your guests for a last minute date. If you have a little more time but not enough to get custom ordered invitations, checkout DIY option like this at Minted is another great resource for invitations if you have a week or 2 to get it mailed! For amazing DIY wedding decorations, take a look at these ideas and more. The best part of doing your own DIY decor is being able to use it again for the baby shower or baby’s room!

The perfect outfit

Dress fittings can take months and gowns are usually bought at least 6 months in advance. But, if you don’t have that luxury of time, you will need to get it right the first time. With a constantly growing belly, similar to maternity jeans, you’ll want to have an adaptable dress that will be comfortable even when your belly grows a little. A great option is to  get a dress with a puffy, or free-flowing skirt that will look good no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy. Take a look at some beautiful styles on pinterest and contact your local dress shop to find the styles you want of the rack.

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What not to skip on

Planning a wedding in a short amount of time may require some flexibility and compromise but there are some things you shouldn’t skip on. Don’t compromise on a photographer that just happens to be available or more affordable. A good photographer is there to capture the moments of a major milestone, and just like the sweet baby that is about to be part of your story these pictures will tell the story of your love.  Music and food are two things that guests will always remember and it is important to keep in mind dates that these vendors have available before setting your date with a venue in stone. We know that planning a wedding wether you are expecting a child or not can be a lot of work. Email or call us at Sublime Celebrations to help plan your big day and let us do the work while you take care of baby.