Our Story and Why I love Weddings

In the spirit of our wedding anniversary. Our Story and why I love weddings.  

We met in 2006 in a hotel...working of course! He was the a bell boy and only 21 years old; me a front desk agent and just 20 years young.

We were friends for so long until he was accepted in the army in July 2007, we stayed friends by writing letters (yes, with paper and pen) until November that year when over the phone he had asked me if I would be his girlfriend. (awe how young and cute ;)) We saw each other once a month flying from Vancouver to Ontario where he lived until moving to Edmonton in 2008. June 2008 while visiting in Edmonton he asked me to marry him after only dating 7 months and seeing each other those 7 times. We got married 8 months later on February 21rst 2009 and moved straight from my parents house the next day to a cute apartment with my husband in Alberta!

It was the beginning of the end, those vows we took put us through more time apart and tested us as a couple and parents. We spent our 1rst year wedding anniversary apart and after only 7 months of being married he left for a tour in Afghanistan for 8 months! We did get to see each for 10 days in between that and took our lovely cruise for 10 days. The time he was at home after that was never really at home with months and weeks spent in Wainwright and Suffield, floods in Winnipeg or traveling around the world.

February 2011 we found out we were pregnant! It was the only year we spent an anniversary, birthday or any holiday together, ever! October 2011 we had our beautiful son while staying in Vancouver with may parents, in this time he had changed from army to air force and changed trades which meant he had to leave for 6 months when our son was only 6 months old (he could only come back 2 days after his first birthday for the weekend to celebrate before leaving again) He was gone again for months and weeks at a time from then, we constantly moved between family in Vancouver and Edmonton and in 2013 got posted to Vancouver Island! Hallelujah! And...had our second son, Ethan.

At this point we have only seen each other a year and a half in broken bits out of the 5 years.

From 2013 to 2015 we didn't see each other at all, between training and flights all over the world. It was really hard to hold the house, two toddlers and start to work on a business but knowing that he loved what he was doing made it a little better (a little) 2015 he did a tour in Kuwait and by far the hardest of all our years, sick and sad toddlers were never fun. Fast forward to end of 2016/2017 and my oldest is in kindergarten, my youngest in day-care 2 days a week and is only now enjoying it. I have seen my husband the whole of December, half of January and half of February! We are off to a good start and for the first time since our 2nd year anniversary are together.

The only thing is I am sick and we are staying in...can you believe it!

This life has been hard, but it is a vows we took what seems long ago that makes him coming home so special every time. I love him more than I ever have; the husband and father he turned out to be amazes me and I am so lucky. This short story doesn't seem like much as I sit here and write it, it is not filled with vacations (only one in 8 years) fancy cars, money or big moments but it is our story and it is what love and marriage means; full of love, sacrifice, compromise, communication and appreciation. It is why I love weddings, it is the life that comes after you say "I Do"