Making your own Seating Chart

We really wanted to create a special but simple Seating Chart for a bride this past summer. She shared her vision and we made it happen. We found a great quality typical 16X20 frame at Walmart (don't judge). We then took out the heavy glass and removed all the silicon around the glass. Silicon is used as it keeps the heavy glass in place. It's difficult to remove; We skipped our arm workout that day! 

We purchased a cork roll from Staples along with some adhesive spray. A neutral fabric was chosen that coordinated with the bride's color pallet. We rolled out the amount of cork I needed and Spray a thick layer of the adhesive glue all over it. We then placed the fabric overtop of the cork and worked out all the bubbles from top to bottom. We then sprayed the backing that came with the frame and attached it to the back of the cork. A simple DYI that could be done by any savvy bride. Keep the glass and matting that comes with the frame and it can hold your favorite wedding photo. 

For the  name placements, we choose a beautiful shimmer card stalk but added a touch of copper as an accent. We spray painted fabric pins in the stunning Cooper and cut them in half so they were not poking through the other side.  We pinned the names of the guests after they were printed and cut. (Tip: create a chart first and type the names in each square, this will make for easier cutting) 
For some extra flair, we added gold and copper flakes to the table number cards to separate it from the guest's names and added a little floral to the corner of the frame and done!

This seating chart was perfect for last minute attending guests and guests that could not make it. Just pull out the pin and make your change.

 We hope these helpful tips makes your Seating Chart project go a lot quicker.  Need help? We are a phone call away.


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