Everybody loves Fall!

Everybody loves fall, here are some fall inspired things we have going on at the Skea/Sublime household!

The wardrobe gets a semi makeover. 

If you haven't noticed, pumpkin spice everything is out in full force and the nights seem a bit cooler; to me, that means a few things and one of them is bringing out the sweaters from the garage! Going through all the clothes that no longer fit anyone we get to semi update our wardrobe, yay! Now, I am not normally a very fashion forward person but I do like to pick and choose from up coming trends and make them as comfy and as west coast as I can. According to the fashion industry, the 90’s fashion is also in full force as well and this is what I want to bring back to my closet. 

The power of red - Can I have this one from Christine Evangelista from 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet? Please!

70’s plaid - I actually have only owned 2 things in plaid, not sure I can pull of Kendall Jenner deconstructed and big belt look all at once but it does look amazing!

Leisure suit - Anybody remembers wearing these? Looking back at my pictures, I am so embarrassed but I thought I was so cool! I think I may have to re-live it, just for fun. I mean Rihanna is all about the 'leisure suit'. (featured bellow)

Velvet - Wow, velvet! I remember my mom having a ton of velvet dresses, myself included. I don't know how but I now own a black velvet dress… again. :0 

For more fall trends you will be living in for the next 6 months, check out the link below.




I love cooking! Making dinner for my family is considered my time and that time in the kitchen is always so rewarding when you get to eat something yummy at the end! I will cook anything and eat anything but the start of school has got me all about the soups. I don't usually follow recipes but there are some great ideas and healthy recipes out there. 

Recently I made:

Vegan borscht

Split pea with lentils

Leak, sweet potato and bacon with coconut milk

Next will be a butternut squash, tomato basil!

There are some great ideas on eating well, check it out!




I use to be a Pinterest mom, I say ‘used to’ because I now have to work as well and who has time for that? It also used to be little easier to get them to sit and paint fall leaves or make a dessert with me but my soon to be to be 6 and 4-year-old boys never sit down! So now we like to do things that get them up and moving or keep them interested. I found some great ideas on Pinterest; here are some things we are working these this month. 

Storm Watching in Tofino

Horse riding

Our own neighborhood ring toss competition

Pumpkin Balloon pop (We are taking our craft to the Rod and game club and shooting it with a bow and arrow) Can you tell I have boys?

Link to more ideas, below. 



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Chanel Skea