Creating Your Own Garland

One would be surprised at how simple it is to create beautiful garlands for your special day.  Follow these easy steps for either a cascading garland that drapes or as a centerpiece on your guest's table.

First, decide on color and desired texture of your greenery. Featured is Salal which is a native plant to Vancouver Island and grows in abundance. I dragged my husband along and for an hour we cut enough pieces for this eight-foot garland. Cut desired length of greenery and started to create small bundles. I used a small gauge floral wire to wrap each bundle. I counted over 35 bundles for this project. Once the bundles were complete, I started the work of attaching the bundles to my rope. In hindsight I chose too thick of rope, so don't make my mistake. Choose a thin dark color rope. I also used one very long piece of wire to wrap the bundles around the rope continuously. Simply place each bundle over the last one being mindful to cover the wire and stems of the previous bundle. This garland cost under $10.00, but it made a wonderful impact on the sweetheart table.

The second garland that was created for another wedding this summer was made with Ivy. The Ivy was growing wild in the bride's sisters backyard, so again it was free. We used the same technic with the exception of the addition of the roses and eucalyptus. We added the roses an hour before the reception due to the incredibly hot day! Garlands are time-consuming so before you begin your garland making be sure you have some friends gathered and maybe a bottle of wine. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at or

Written by Karen Bezaire

Garland Design by Karen Bezaire



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