Christmas / New Years

Are you trying to plan a Christmas or New Year's party this year? There are more steps involved than you imagined, right? Let us get all your vendors in a row with the correct date, organize the perfect entertainment, decor and more. 

There are some essential questions to ask yourself when planning a Christmas party.

First, start with, what is the budget and how can you make this cost effective for your business and still provide a much-needed celebration?

What kind of food should you provide and what is an acceptable amount of liquor to provide? Where do you hire a bartender and do you need a liquor license to serve? 

Who are the best vendors for your budget? Have you thought about a band or DJ, florists, and rentals? It is a lot, right? We know this is our job - let us give you a hand. Enjoy the party for once and hand over the details to the professionals

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Chanel Skea