Cherry Blossom Wedding Arch

  One doesn't have to go too far to be inspired when you live on the most beautiful Island. As soon as the Cherry Blossom trees started to bud here on Vancouver Island, I knew I needed to capture all that beauty somehow. My husband and I just finished building a circle arch and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to showcase it. I sent a quick email off to Erin Wallis with an example of what I was thinking. A friend had led me to Shelter Point distillery in Campbell River and after I pulled into this beautiful venue I knew this would be the perfect spot. I was a bit deflated when I saw a, 'Closed for the Season' sign on the door. After calling, Jacob answered the phone and met me downstairs. After an explanation and a handshake, I had my venue! Erin was crazy passionate about the Australian designer, Anna Campbell and was able to secure a dress from The White Peony in Victoria. Erin also knew a very beautiful couple who were available to model. It would seem my idea was off and away. It took my husband and I, six hours to clip the Cherry Blossom branches off the trees at Shelter Point and attach them to the frame. It was so fun to create this arrangement and I am so thankful to all our vendors who helped to make this shoot possible. There is no bigger compliment than when colleagues believe in your vision and jump on board to make it happen. Thank you! I am looking forward to an amazing Wedding Season and more opportunities to make this arch look amazing for our brides. Hair: Mandy at Headquarters Hair Studio. Makeup: Sheila at Eden Street Spa. Suit: Jim's Clothes Closet in Campbell River. Brides Bouquet: Purely Flowers.

~Karen Bezaire, Creative Designer for Sublime Celebrations.